The holidays are here and kitchens have never been busier. From cooking to cleaning, we tapped our team of experts for helpful holiday tips. Want more? Contact us for an interview or follow us on Twitter.

The Week Prior:

  • Map out your menu. Don’t attempt recipes for the first time, no matter how tempting.
  • Keep your dishwasher in tip top shape. Run a cycle w/ Finish Rinse before heavy entertaining begins.
  • Clear out the fridge and make room for the food that’s coming.
    • Did you know you can freeze eggs? Crack, whip and store in the freezer for cooking or baking.
    • You can also freeze buttermilk, milk and sour cream in useful portions. It won't be pleasant to drink but it works well for baking!
    • Here is a list of things that should never be in your fridge. We’re looking at you garlic, bread and fresh herbs.
  • Make sure the basics are covered. By connecting your dishwasher and laundry with Amazon Dash you won’t run out of detergent on the big day.

The Day Before:

  • Thaw out anything you may need. The best way to defrost is to thaw in the fridge overnight.
  • Prep all your cold foods a day in advance - including apps and sides. Leave the hot food for the big day.
  • Check your icemaker status. Connected refrigerators allow you to check the status by voice.

The Day Of:

Pre Meal:

  • Last minute store run? Remember you can preheat your connected oven from the store by using a mobile app.
  • If you’re elbow deep in stuffing, you can use your voice to control your appliances, thanks to our partnership with Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • Use the right settings. An oven with convection will give you juicier meats and evenly browned baked goods, or let the oven take over altogher with precision cooking.
  • Stressed out? Let us handle the preheat. Interactive recipes from Drop preheat the oven at just the right point in the recipe.
  • If you need more oven space here’s one idea -  a roast holds temp for 60 - 90 min. when tented with foil. (Or there’s always our new ranges which have a double oven and six burners).
  • Pssst. Turkey secrets from our in-house chefs:
    • Quarter a lemon and put it in the turkey cavity. It perfumes the turkey and gives it a nice lift.
    • Brining is key. Try a mix of apple cider, orange, lemon, salt, sugar, cayenne and bay leaves for your brine.
    • Make two. Debone one ahead of time for serving and put one out for show.

Post Meal:

  • Have leftovers? No cooling off period is needed. It’s better to put it in air tight containers and directly into the fridge. A full list of storage tips here.
  • The dreaded dishes.
    • Don't scrape the dish first. The detergent actualy works better that way.
    • Avoid the pile-on. If you stack utensils or dishes on top of one another they won't dry.
    • Ask for help. If they didn’t cook, asking them to help wash dishes is fair game.
  • Post feast laundry. Where there's food there's bound to be stains. Pretreat with soapy water or uset stain settings on your laundry. The settings will ensure the right amount of water, temp and agitation.
  • Freshen up your fridge, it undoubtedly saw a lot of action. For a light clean of stainless use mild dish soap and water, for heavy soil use a paste of baking soda and water.
  • Relax with a cup of coffee. Connected Refrigerators with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System allow you to schedule hot water just when you need it most.