It’s fast, easy and has been heating up dinner since 1947. We’ve pulled together fun facts about the microwave below. Want more? Follow us on Twitter @GEAppliancesPR or send us a message if you’d like us to connect you with our microwave product and cooking experts.

  • Did you know? 1 in 4 homes have an Over the Range (OTR) microwave, which just so happened to be invented by a GE Appliances engineer.
  • The first OTR was called a “Spacemaker” because it saved on precious countertop space.
  • The most popular buttons on a microwave include: Potato, Popcorn, Reheat and Defrost.
  • Now trending in microwave design: Pocket handles and controls that are on the bottom of the microwave as opposed to the side.
  • While Stainless Steel if the most popular finish for microwaves, we’re seeing new players emerge like our Black Slate, a matte finish.
  • Foods that cook well in microwaves: Veggies, fish, ground beef (yes, even meatloaf) and sweets including carrot cake and candies (think fudge and peanut brittle).
  • Foods that aren’t great - breads and anything that should be crispy.
  • Lightning fast preheat. The Advantium oven uses microwave technology to cook foods at record speed.
  • Care tips: Treat your microwave well. Don’t overcook foods, avoid putting in anything with metal, and clean it with mild detergent.