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GE® Mini-Split System Air Conditioners are Cool Solutions — Delivering Quiet, Efficient Comfort without Ductwork

LOUISVILLE, Ky., MAY 12, 2010 — (NYSE: GE) — GE® wall-mounted mini-split system air conditioners deliver comfortable cool air on the hottest of summer days. Mini-split air conditioners have an air handler unit that goes inside the home and a compressor that is installed outside the home. All models allow consumers to reduce the humidity level of the air for even greater comfort. Select heat pump units also provide supplemental heating – perfect for chilly evenings, after the sun has set.

A GE mini-split system air conditioner offers:
  • Compliance. It uses R-410A refrigerant, which is not harmful to the earth's ozone layer. R-410A meets year 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements for the phase-out of ozone-depleting hydrochloroflurocarbons (HCFCs) found in the older R-22 refrigerant.
  • Efficiency. The GE split system air conditioner's indoor unit delivers exceptional efficiency. Using innovative inverter compressor technology, the system maintains desired room temperatures by speeding up and slowing down rather than turning on and off. That means it uses only the capacity required, and thereby utilizes significantly less electricity.
  • Performance. Consumers can enjoy ideal cooling and heating comfort without the noise of a typical room air conditioner. The GE split system air conditioner's condensing unit is placed outside the home where consumers in the home can't hear it. Designed with efficient variable-speed compressor technology, it achieves the desired room temperature quickly, and maintains it precisely.
  • Flexibility. The GE splits system air conditioner delivers quiet, efficient comfort without ductwork, making it an ideal choice for older homes, vacation homes, attic spaces or room additions. The indoor unit can be installed on any wall* – it needs only a small 3-inch hole for tubing and wiring connections to the outdoor condenser. A wireless remote gives consumers control from as far away as 20 feet.
The mini-split system is a great choice for new or remodeled spaces where HVAC ductwork does not exist or isn't practical. It allows quiet and efficient zonal cooling and heating without obstructing views like window-mounted units can.

*Please refer to installation instructions for more detail.

Models available for purchase:
Cool-only models Heat pump models
115V – AE1CD10AM (indoor) 115V – AE1RD10AM
115V – AE0CD10AM (outdoor) 115V – AE0RD10AM
230/208V – AE1CD14DM (indoor) 230/208V – AE0RD10AM
230/208V – AE0CD20DM (outdoor) 230/208V – AE0RD10AM
230/208V – AE1CD20DM (indoor) 230/208V – AE1RD20DM
230/208V – AE0CD20DM (outdoor) 230/208V – AE0RD20DM

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