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Movin’ On Up: High-Efficiency Topload Washers Rise in Popularity and Sales

LOUISVILLE, Ky.Feb. 13, 2013(NYSE: GE) — High-efficiency (HE) topload washers are the fastest growing product category in home laundry appliances,1 widely embraced for their energy savings and benefit-rich features. In fact, over the last two years alone, the HE topload market has expanded by 34 percent.2

“Consumers love HE topload washing machines because they don’t have to sacrifice great features for energy efficiency,” says Jennifer Schoenegge, product manager for topload products, GE Appliances. “Aside from the benefit of owning a high-efficiency washer, consumers can often do more laundry in less time, customize cycles to their preference by adding special washes and stain fighting settings and still be environmentally conscious.”

Though HE models typically cost more upfront, consumers will save money over the life of the product and start saving time immediately. Among the key differentiators:

  • Less than half the annual cost of operating a traditional topload washer, because less energy is used.3
  • Ability to do more laundry in fewer loads. The absence of an agitator offers more space, as do newer models that offer wider easy to load and unload openings.
  • Higher washer spin speeds that remove more moisture from clothes and reduce the energy needed in the dryer for effective and efficient drying.
  • About 60 percent more water efficient than a traditional topload.
This infographic shows a side-by-side comparison to a traditional toploader and the new high-efficiency toploader from GE.

New GE HE Topload
GE’s newest high-efficiency, topload washer features the industry’s largest capacity (five cubic feet) for toploading models while providing the energy and water savings synonymous with the HE category. The washers offer a variety of time-saving, convenience-focused features, including:

  • SmartDispense™: An industry first for toploading models, it stores more than a gallon or 150 ounces each (two months of laundry on average) of detergent and fabric softener and automatically dispenses them. The amount of detergent dispensed is based on each load's soil level and fabric or cycle type. This built-in feature can be turned off or adjusted to accommodate special loads where a different type of detergent may be needed.
  • Stain Removal Guide: Simply press a button to tackle four of the most common clothing stains (tomato sauce, oil-based stains, grass and dirt) in optimal conditions, as determined in GE’s laundry labs.
  • Steam Assist: A steam option in the washer helps to relax fabrics making it easier to loosen difficult stains, from the kids’ spaghetti stains to dad’s muddy jeans, before the wash cycle begins.
  • Washer to Dryer Communication: A communication cable, sold with the matching dryer, allows the washer and dryer to communicate, so the dryer is automatically programmed based on the washer setting, optimizing dry results and potentially saving time and energy.
  • “My Settings”: Consumers can save their favorite wash cycles and options they consistently use. This industry-first setting saves consumers time inputting steam, temperature and other options on any cycle.

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1 The Stevenson Company research on behalf of GE
2 Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
3 Rates vary by local utility; comparison of GE topload model GTWN2800D and GE HE topload model   GTWN745ODWW

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