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Swapping Out Appliance Colors to Match Your Mood? GE Asks Consumers to Weigh In

  • GE explores the idea of adding color to Artistry’s current glossy black and white appliance finish options
  • Consumers can influence future finish colors via GE’s social channels, Tumblr and website

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – May 16, 2014 –When it comes to color trends, consumers tend to change their mind much like they change their clothes: Smartphone cases, nail polish, even hair color can all be transformed in the blink of an eye, to reflect personality or mood. But what about appliances?

GE Appliances’ (NYSE: GE) Industrial Design Operation has begun exploring color in a big way. Since GE Artistry™ appliances launched last fall, the company has been considering the idea of adding color to the currently available glossy black and white finishes.

Director of Industrial Design for GE Appliances Lou Lenzi said, “The team is constantly looking at trends—‘from culture to cooking’ as we say—generating insight about the world we live in. These insights inform and guide us toward designs that make lives easier, more enjoyable and maybe a little bit more entertaining.”

GE is developing colored “skins” that attach to the front of the Artistry™ Series refrigerator and/or dishwasher and can be changed or swapped out for new colors, much like a smartphone case.

The designers started with colors that might already be present in the kitchen—such as ginger, lime, cinnamon, aubergine and lemon. Next, the team considered a variety of finish scenarios, starting by bathing the entire appliance suite in color, then tested selected appliances as accent pieces within the suite, and finally landed on colored “skins” that could attach to the front of the refrigerator and/or dishwasher, which could be changed or swapped out for new colors, much like a smartphone case. This way, a consumer can simply swap out their color if they decide on a remodel or a change.

The color concepts are available for consumer input—a first for GE—on GE Appliances’ social channels, Tumblr page and website. Visitors are encouraged to include their email and comment on their chosen color so GE can stay in touch with updates on its color offering.

The full GE Artistry Series is available now in black or white. Estimated retail price of the full GE Artistry product suite is $2,835.*

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* Retailers set their own prices. Estimated retail pricing per appliance is as follows: bottom-freezer refrigerator (ABE20EGEBS, ABE20EGEWS), $1199; top-control dishwasher (ADT521PGFWS, ADT521PGFBS), $549; over-the-range microwave (AVM4160DFWS, AVM4160DFBS), $239; range hood (AV447FWS, AV447FBS), $199; gas range and electric range (ABS45DFBS, ABS45DFWS, AGBS45DEFBS, AGBS45DEFWS), $649.


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