History of Appliance Innovation

GE transforms imagination into exceptional products. Learn more about our tradition of innovation and the many appliance "firsts" GE has unveiled.

1900 - 1949

1907  -  First full line of heating and cooking devices.
1925  -  First hermetically sealed domestic refrigerator.
1927  -  First GE Monitor Top refrigerator.
   -  First direct-drive dishwasher with revolutionary system still in use today.
1928  -  First Calrod electric range.
1930  -  First room air conditioner.
1935  -  First food waste disposer: the Disposall.
1936  -  First front-loading single-rack dishwasher.
1947  -  First completely automatic clothes washer.
   -  First two-door refrigerator-freezer combination.
1949  -  Ten experimental models of the first "heat pump" are installed around the country.

1950 - 1969

1954  -  First washer/dryer combination unit.
   -  First automatic portable dishwasher: the Mobile Maid®.
1955  -  The Filter-Flo System for automatic clothes washers is pioneered. It removes lint from wash as it is generated.
   -  GE engineering invents the safety start switch for use in home clothes dryers.
1956  -  First toaster oven: the T-93 Toast-R-Oven.
   -  The first automatic drying termination cycle is devised for clothes dryers.
1957  -  First commercially feasible combination spray, steam and dry iron.
1958  -  First automatic, electric can-opener.
   -  Rotary compressors are developed for use in room air conditioners.
1961  -  The use of a powerful, compact motor and rechargeable battery leads to the introduction of an automatic toothbrush and is the forerunner of the development of other handheld appliances, such as hair dryers and an electric slicing knife.
1962  -  The mini-basket washing system is introduced to improve small load washing.
   -  First package terminal air conditioner: the Zoneline®.
   -  First foamed-in-place urethane insulated refrigerator.
1963  -  First self-cleaning oven: the P-7. In developing this product GE engineers were granted some 100 patents.
1967  -  First combination motor and water circulating pump developed for the dishwasher, whose improved efficiency reduces energy and operating costs to the consumer.
1969  -  First custom through-the-door refrigerator with ice and water dispenser.

1970 - 1989

1971  -  First portable room air conditioner: the Carry-Cool®.
1974  -  First molded thermoplastic dishwasher tub:PermaTuff.
1977  -  Microprocessor computerized cooking control is introduced to the fast food restaurant industry in the Dimension II series of fryers.
1978  -  First over-the-range microwave oven: the SpaceMaker®.
1982  -  First 24-hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week consumer information service: GE Answer Center® toll-free number is 800-626-2000.
1984  -  GE's product innovations in major appliances include: electronic refrigerators that "beep" if a door is left ajar, dishwashers that can be programmed to "remember" when to start, and microwave ovens that fit under a kitchen wall cabinet with voice message memo system.
1987  -  First complete line of premium built-in appliances for professionally designed custom kitchens: Monogram®.

1990 - 1999

1992  -  First complete line of stylish, integrated appliances specifically designed to rejuvenate the standard kitchen: GE Profile™.
1994  -  First 30 cu. ft. freestanding side-by-side refrigerator, world's largest and most space efficient: the GE Profile™ 30.
1995  -  GE Profile™ Washer — The Largest Capacity Washer You Can Buy.
   -  First "smart" dishwasher: auto-sensing gauges soiled dishes.
1996  -  Largest capacity "built-in style" refrigerator.
1997  -  First major appliance manufacturer to offer a complete line of water softening and filtration systems: GE SmartWater™.
   -  "Concept" appliances include a web-enabled refrigerator, a microwave that scans bar codes, and an Advantium® Oven that recognizes voice commands.
1998  -  Spectra™ Oven is introduced as the most accurate oven in America.
1999  -  Advantium® - A revolutionary new oven with Speedcook technology delivers great tasting food in an average of 1/4 the time of a conventional oven — with no pre-heating.
1999  -  GE Triton™ dishwashers are introduced as the quietest dishwasher in America.

2000 - Present

2000  -  GE Profile Arctica™ - GE launched the Arctica refrigerator with CustomCool™ technology. It was the first refrigerator in the market to provide consumers with speed chilling and speed thawing capabilities.
2003  -  GE Profile Harmony™ Clothes Care System - First washer to communicate electronically with the dryer. The washer talks. The dryer listens. The result is better clothes care.
2003  -  GE Profile™ Ovens with Trivection™ Technology - First combination of thermal, convection and microwave energies. Speed modes allow the full-size ovens to cook foods up to five times faster than convention ovens.
2005  -  GE Profile™ Dishwasher with SmartDispense™ Technology - First dishwasher to hold entire 45-ounce bottle of liquid or gel detergent and dispense that detergent based on water hardness, cycle selection, and soil level of the dishes.
2005  -  GE launched Monogram® Wine Vault, which holds nearly 1,100 bottles of wine. It was the first of its kind to come with an electronic Cellar Management System — an all-in-one inventory system including a 15-inch touch-screen, bar-code scanner, label printer, and software, which helps wine connoissuers manage, store, and protect their liquid assets.
2009  -  GE combines the responsiveness of a gas cooktop with the even heating of an electric oven – an industry first – with the introduction of the GE Profile™ free-standing 120-volt dual-fuel range.
2009  -  GE’s new hybrid water heater becomes the first energy-efficient electric heat pump water heater to become ENERGY STAR®-qualified and first to be listed on the U.S. Department of Energy‘s website for its energy savings.
2010  -  GE unveils Nucleus™, an affordable, innovative communication and data storage device that gives consumers information about their home electricity use so they can make more informed choices about how and when to use power.
2010  -  GE® ENERGY STAR®-Qualified 29.1 Cubic Foot Side-by-Side Refrigerator – GE launched the largest free–standing refrigerator in America, the GE 29.1 Cubic Foot Side-by-Side Refrigerator. It offers 18 cu. ft. of storage for healthy fruits, vegetables and dairy and an 11.1 cubic feet freezer section.
2011  -  GE® 30-inch free-standing gas range, model JGBS23 - GE launched the industry’s first and only gas range with steam-clean capabilities – the GE® 30-inch free-standing gas range. Steam cleaning functions offer natural steam cleaning to loosen hard, baked-on food.
2011  -  GE’s over-the-range microwave ovens become the first to include a MyPlate button that allows users to easily cook foods found in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) recommended dietary guidelines.
2011  -  GE Profile™ appliances enabled with Brillion™ technology - GE Profile appliances enabled with Brillion technology automatically react to utility price signals from the smart meter and delay or reduce the wattage consumed by the appliance until lower-cost, off-peak periods.
2011  -  GE’s Advantium® iPhone® App - GE launched the Advantium iPhone app, which includes hundreds of recipes for GE’s high-speed Advantium oven, gives consumers the ability to share photos, recipes and more with the Advantium online community and social media sites and uses the iPhone timer to alert consumers when dinner is ready.
2012  -  GE “ecomagination℠” suite – GE introduces its “ecomagination” suite of kitchen appliances, which can reduce electricity consumption in the average kitchen by up to 20 percent.
2012  -  GE GeoSpring® hybrid electric water heater begins production at Appliance Park. The GeoSpring® is the first hybrid electric ENERGY STAR®-qualified water heater manufactured in the U.S. that will save an average consumer $325 every year on their utility bills.
2012  -  GE’s new Slate finish, a warm, grey metallic with a low-gloss finish, joins stainless as a premium appliance option. 
2012  -  GE’s easy-to-access advanced filtration system in the GE Café™ French door refrigeration is the first to remove harmful pharmaceuticals from water and ice. 
2012  -  Production begins at Appliance Park on the GE high-efficiency topload washing machine.
2012  -  GE partners with the Environmental Protection Agency on four voluntary programs: WasteWise program, SmartWay® Program, ENERGY STAR®, and Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program.
2012  -  GE’s French door refrigerators with Hands-free Autofill system eliminates the need to stand and wait, automatically filling any container with filtered water.
2012  -  GE launches Slate, a warm, grey metallic with a low-gloss finish.
2013  -  GE creates living spaces of the future in Home 2025 project, including all-in-one appliances, laundry machines that make folding passé, and biometric appliances.
2013  -  GE Monogram® dishwasher with one of the industry’s quietest cycles, 102 wash jets and the industry’s first bottle wash jets.
2013  -  Artistry™ Series 
– GE designs and introduces an appliance suite for Millennials, focusing on style, simplicity and affordability for younger consumers.
2013  -  GE’s Profile™ dishwasher boasts 102 cleaning jets with industry-first bottle wash jets to spray water in the deepest travel mugs and baby bottles and a new customizable third rack for loading flexibility.
2013  -  Connected wall oven - 
Wi-Fi connectivity in the GE wall oven gives you the freedom to control your meal without being in the kitchen. 
2013  -  RightHeight™ laundry
- GE’s industry-first Built-in Risers™ for frontload washers and dryers with the industry’s largest openings, make loading and unloading clothes less strenuous.
2013  -  GE’s Café™ model is the first refrigerator to feature a hot water dispenser, capable of serving up tea and oatmeal in minutes.
2014  -  GE research on magnetic refrigeration leads to breakthrough in home refrigeration technology with a potential heat pump application and expected commercialization of magnetic refrigeration by 2020.
2014  -  GE and Quirky collaborate to launch Aros – an app-enabled air conditioning unit. 
2014  -  GE and FirstBuild™ collaborate on a global co-creation community dedicated to conceiving, engineering and building the next generation of major appliances. A new FirstBuild™ micro-factory located on the University of Louisville’s Belknap Campus will develop and manufacture the new designs.
2015  -  GE and Keurig partner to build first built-in, single-serve brewing system in the refrigerator.
2015  -  GE's FirstBuild™ launches Opal™, the first nugget ice maker for home use.
2015  -  Developed by FirstBuild™, the connected Paragon Induction Cooktop provides is capable of multiple precise cooking techniques, such as Sous vide, deep-frying, and holding at a precise serving temperature, and doubles as an induction cooktop.
2016  - Combining elegant Monogram styling and the sophisticated technology of FirstBuild, the Monogram Pizza Oven creates the first ventless pizza oven; bringing authentic old world taste to today’s high-end kitchens.
2016  - GE Appliances is the first manufacturer to have full suite of connected appliances on IFTTT.
2016  - GE Appliances is the first Alexa Skill to control a broad range of kitchen appliances.
2016  - GE Appliances is the first U.S. appliance manufacturer to have products from multiple appliance categories integrated with Dash Replenishment.
2017  - GE Appliances' FirstBuild™ created a plug-in voice box that works with connected GE washers and dryers to speak laundry settings.
2017  - A water faucet feature in the back of topload washer basins called Water Station, is the industry's first soapy water pretreating station.
2017  -  GE's Café™ electric slide-in range is the first range to come standard with a precision cooking probe that monitors liquid temperature and communicates adjustments to the connected range and a smartphone or tablet to ensure food cooks perfectly.
2017  -  Black Slate premium finish offered on GE Café™ appliances.
2017  - GE Appliances' connected suite of appliances fully integrated with Google Assistant.