KBIS 2020

January 21-23
Las Vegas, NV


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From an industry-first in-oven camera to AI that helps owners cook smarter, GE Profile innovates the kitchen experience in a whole new way

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GE Profile Kitchen Design at KBIS 2020: The Force of Innovation

The Profile booth is an immersive, tech inspired space where mixed reality encourages interactions and exploration, where curiosity leads to discoveries and where people can discover how Profile's smart appliances can enhance their daily lives. Design highlights include: 

Light: The use of light as a material is a growing trend across design as it is in Profile's innovative LED lit Smart 4-Door refrigerator. Here it is key to the overall mood, transporting the physical space of the Profile booth into the digital realm. Individually programmable light fittings, discreet switches, and lit backsplashes are all represented in the Profile KBIS 2020 kitchens. 

GE Profile Smart 4-Door with Door in Door

Sleek silver: Silver plays a key role throughout the Profile booth and is reclaiming attention in design after seasons focused on warm metals. Used as the primary tone on the exterior surround and throughout the booth, layered grays and silver, metallic and flat, give an overall look of industrial precision.

Black and White: This classic duo is used as accents throughout the booth to punctuate forms and messaging. White is also used to compliment the living spaces with a gender-neutral tone.

Wood: Wood is used in various ways to bring in a warm, human element. Wood is a key trend returning to the kitchen space and is used to create balance and blend high-tech with heritage and nature with engineering.

Custom Tile Layouts: The Profile Across the Galaxy kitchen features a custom Mercury Mosaics backsplash. Companies like Mercury are making it easy for consumers to create unique designs that are all their own. Geometric designs are also very popular for the coming season.

Profile Across the Galaxy

Mixed Finishes: The Force of Innovation and Across the Galaxy kitchens feature absorbent Matte finishes, which have been prevalent for seasons past and will still be a key design element in 2020. The Vault kitchen juxtaposes the look with a high-gloss finish. Designers are experimenting with different levels of shine, from soft sheen to full gloss with a mirror-like finish that bounces light around a room. Prevalent in the furniture design shows this season, traditional lacquer and lacquer-like surfaces are making a comeback among designers who look to time-honored craft processes (like Urushi) to create unexpected contemporary looks.

Thoughtful Storage: Consumers are constantly seeking out solutions for storage and organization and the kitchen is a key zone for customizable and thoughtful storage. Open cabinets mixed with closed are a great way to strike a balance between quick access and hidden clutter.

Star Wars: The movie franchise forever shifted our relationship with technology, fantasy and reality, inspiring generations and appealing to our curiosity of “what’s next.” While the lines between real and virtual worlds were blurred the franchise elegantly balanced the human center of the stories and appealed to our connections with ourselves and with each other. The Profile booth pays homage to Star Wars in subtle ways with a nod to its role in our shared culture.

Symbolism and Suspense: These elements lead the way to a secret that is hidden in plain sight as attendees discover a glow from the center of the booth that spreads outward and reveals the ultimate kitchen for tech lovers. 

About the Designer:

With a background in  set design for commercial and television productions, T.K. Wismer launched her company, Department of the Interiors, in 2014. She infuses commercial and residential spaces with fresh palettes, ideas, and materials to create individualized, lived-in looks that are reflections of the lifestyles and personalities of the people who live, work, and play there. Through a collaborative approach highly intentional and functional designs are achieved. 



Wendy Treinen
Director, Brand and Product Communications
Appliance Park


GE Profile 4-Door Hands-Free Autofill
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