Following a year where we cooked more than ever, cooking innovations will be our main course at KBIS 2021. We’re also introducing products to up your game as a mixologist or barista, because we’re all doing that at home now, too. And as we all spend more time at home and use more water, full-home water systems that protect your health and your wallet are in the spotlight, too. Here are the Top 10 Products from GE Appliances at KBIS 2021.

Monogram Statement Collection Professional Range
Monogram Statement Collection Professional Range

1. Monogram Statement Collection Professional Range (available April 2021, $10,300–$14,200 suggested retail)

Monogram completely redesigned the professional range for an exciting new release this spring. A coveted standout for any chef, featuring luxe brass accents, meticulously selected materials and industry-exclusive technology, this stunner makes a statement in any kitchen. Monogram’s industry-exclusive TrueTemp™ Burner is the first of its kind gas burner that can be set to maintain an exact temperature and hold it. That means you can dial in the perfect temperature to caramelize onions, sear a steak or sizzle scallops without over-cooking. It’s also compatible with Hestan Cue for a step-by-step guided cooking experience. The versatile cooktop delivers exceptional flexibility with multi-ring configurations and brass burners for high-heat durability, precision oven modes including hot air fry, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, which are sure to elevate any cooking experience.


GE Profile Range with In Oven Camera
GE Profile Range with In Oven Camera


2. GE Profile Smart Range with In-Oven CookCam™ and Precision Cooktop Sensor (available April 2021, $3,999 suggested retail)

The GE Profile™ Smart Range is packed with leading smart cooking technology that will shape the home kitchen for years to come. The industry-first in-oven CookCam™ combined with WiFi capabilities eliminates the need to stand in the kitchen watching the chicken roast; you can view the camera and adjust cooking settings from any smart device. The precision cooktop sensor means cooks can dial in the exact temperature for any induction-ready pan via a smart device or the range’s display. When using guided cooking capabilities, burner temperatures automatically adjust to deliver consistent, restaurant quality results. All smart features are easily called up and controlled via the SmartHQ app for a seamless experience. 

CAFE Smart Double Wall Oven
CAFÉ 30" Smart Built-In Convection Double Wall Oven in Modern Glass


3. CAFÉ 30" Smart Built-In Convection Double Wall Oven in Modern Glass (available April 2021, $4,443 suggested retail)

Hey Alexa, open the oven! The CAFÉ 30" Smart Built-in Convection Wall Oven boasts touchless open technology, giving you the ability to open the oven with your voice or your elbow, making the kitchen even more hands-free. It also features precision cooking modes that take oven capabilities to new heights, like dehydrate and no preheat air fry mode. The industry-first in-oven camera can be viewed on any smart device, making multi-tasking a breeze and freeing you from the need to stand in the kitchen to watch the soufflé rise. Part of the contemporary CAFÉ Modern Glass collection, it features a sleek, handle-less design.


CAFE MB Pro Range
CAFÉ 48” Dual Fuel Commercial Style Range


4. CAFÉ 48” Dual Fuel Commercial Style Range (available April 2021, MSRP $10,999 - $11,199)

Customization meets ultimate cooking performance in the striking new CAFÉ 48” Dual Fuel Commercial Style Range. Not only is its appearance swoon-worthy, but the versatile cooktop makes it easy to simmer and sear like a pro. Ensure your dishes turn out perfectly every time through a thermostatically controlled griddle, a powerful multi-ring burner and an Inspiral burner that offers exceptionally even heat distribution. Both ovens offer a connected temperature probe and precision cooking modes such as no-preheat air fry. Available in matte black, matte white and stainless steel, you can customize your standout range to match your kitchen fixtures by choosing one of four unique hardware options. Also available as a 48” cooktop.



Monogram Statement Steam Oven
Monogram Statement 30" Steam Oven

5. Monogram Statement 30" Steam Oven (available April 2021, $3,400 suggested retail)

Approximately one-third of consumers reported that they are moving forward with healthier eating habits in the new year, according to a recent study.[1] If you are one of them, meet your new kitchen staple: the Monogram Steam Oven. Steam cooking retains the flavor, color and nutritional value of foods, but this hardworking appliance goes way beyond vegetables. It also helps you cook perfectly fluffy rice and grains, revives leftovers and is the ultimate companion for baking and roasting. Equipped with easy-to-use preset modes, it makes high-quality steam cooking simple for any level of cooking experience, and applies steam assist to convection baking, broiling or roasting modes.




6. CAFÉ Undercounter Wine Center (available now, $2,699–$2,799 suggested retail)

CAFE Undercounter Wine Center
CAFÉ Undercounter Wine Center

The CAFÉ™ Wine Center brings design and customization to an appliance that is typically more about function than style. Designed for the savvy entertainer, this refrigerator is beautiful enough to be a showpiece in the kitchen and bar and comes in all four finishes to complement existing CAFÉ collections with customizable hardware options. The brilliant LED light panel covering the back wall is overlaid with an Art Deco-inspired geometric pattern, beautifully illuminating the contents of the refrigerator.  Built-in WiFi makes it easy to keep an eye on your wine collection with alerts when someone opens the fridge door. You can also receive recommendations on the best temperatures to store different types of wine and remotely manage the temperature settings or dim the light wall via the SmartHQ app. Cheers to that!



Opal 2.0
GE Profile™ Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker

7. GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker (available now, $699 suggested retail)

It’s easier than ever to have the “good ice” at home. The GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker takes cocktails to the next level with the chewable nugget ice that consumers love without having to leave home. It fits perfectly on kitchen countertops yet holds up to three pounds of ice at a time and makes one pound per hour. The GE Profile Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker offers all of the same great qualities as the original but with reduced height for easy under-cabinet placement, a wrap-around bucket design with an integrated handle and a super scoop that delivers more nugget ice per scoop. It is also available in a black stainless steel finish in addition to stainless steel. Built-in WiFi means it can sense the level of ice in the bin to avoid overflow, and you can set the ice-making schedule through the SmartHQ app.


CAFE Coffee Maker
CAFÉ Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

8. CAFÉ Specialty Drip Coffee Maker (available now, $349 suggested retail)

The CAFÉ Specialty Drip Coffee Maker is beautiful enough to be a showpiece outside of the cabinets, while delivering professional results at home with a Specialty Coffee Association “Gold Cup” brewer certification. Up your barista skills with settings to customize temperature and brew strength to achieve your perfect cup. And built-in WiFi offers smart, user-friendly features, including voice-to-brew controls through Alexa and Google, default brew profiles and delayed start, meaning you can prompt your coffee maker to brew from bed. It is available in three curated finishes to complement existing CAFÉ collections, including matte white, matte black and stainless steel, with warm copper hardware accents.


Whole Home Water Filtration
GE Whole Home Water Filtration

9. GE Whole Home Water Filtration (available now, $199 suggested retail) 

The GE Smart Water Whole Home Filtration System filters out contaminants such as lead and chlorine before they can even reach the faucet. Using a premium filter, it filters water at the point of entry, protecting your plumbing, your appliances and most important, your family. Best of all, built-in WiFi capabilities allow you to monitor usage, detect leaks or shut off water remotely via the SmartHQ app for peace of mind. And, this system can be installed in minutes and filters can also be replaced without tools, taking the worry out of maintenance.



GE Flexible Capacity Water Heater
GE Smart Electric Water Heater with Flexible Capacity

10. GE Smart Electric Water Heater with Flexible Capacity (available now, $849 suggested retail for 30-gallon)

More hot water when you need it! GE’s lineup of Smart Electric Water Heaters with Flexible Capacity can deliver up to 60% more hot water* during high demand times thanks to an industry-first integrated electronic mixing valve. The high and extra-high capacity settings store water in the tank at a higher temperature. As stored water leaves the tank, the electronic mixing valve adds the precise amount of cold water needed to ensure the water comes out of the faucet at the temperature selected by the owner. Once household demand returns to normal, the normal capacity setting can be used to save money and energy. Built-in WiFi means that you can schedule vacation mode, adjust the temperature, choose the desired capacity setting and receive maintenance reminders via the SmartHQ app. Available in 50-, 40- and 30-gallon tank capacities.

*Versus comparable water heaters without a mixing valve.