LOUISVILLE, Ky.—January 11, 2019—GE Appliances, a Haier company, announced ductless air-conditioning models featuring a connected app that offers the latest innovations in smart thermostats and new Haier ductless models that are easier to install. The full ductless offering will be on display at the 2019 AHR Expo in Atlanta (booth C7261).

"Builders and contractors have asked us for more truly unique products that give owners precise control of their heating and cooling,” said Brian Buente, executive director retail and ductless AC for GE Appliances. “We’re excited to respond with these new, innovative systems that streamline installation and deliver the kind of features you see in the top connected home thermostats currently in the marketplace.”

New Comfort App Brings the Convenience of Smart Thermostats to Ductless Customers

GE Appliances is at the forefront of WiFi-connected technology with the introduction of an all-new Comfort app for Haier Ductless units. Now ductless owners can turn their smartphone into a smart thermostat, enjoying the same energy and cost savings benefits with three key features:

  • Geolocation: The location assist feature uses the phone’s location to determine if owners are away from home and automatically adjusts the temperature and modes settings to maximize comfort and efficiency.
  • Weather App Integration: The Comfort app tracks outside weather and informs owners of drastic changes via push notifications, providing timely information that allows owners to make smart choices that save them money.
  • Reporting: The app monitors daily energy consumption, reporting on spending and energy savings.

The Comfort app is compatible with all GE and Haier Ductless WiFi-enabled models.

Haier Ductless Next GEN Arctic Offers Easier Installation and New Self-Clean Technology

The latest single-zone residential ductless model from Haier’s popular Arctic series will feature easy installation for contractors and new self-clean technology for a worry-free owner experience. An extended support clip adds much needed space when installing lines, and a premeasured mounting bracket reduces the time needed to mount the unit on the wall. The printed circuit board (PCB) bottom cover and motor are now accessible without the need for additional tools, and the Next GEN Arctic will feature an emergency on/off switch. These design changes and new training and support from Haier Ductless ensure a seamless installation experience.

Owners will appreciate new technology that keeps the unit clean and inhibits 99.9 percent of bacteria from entering the home. Cold Expansion technology removes dirt from the surface of the evaporator by rapidly freezing and heating, while the aluminum foil contains nano silver ion antibacterial agents that inhibit bacteria growth. Product availability is expected the fourth quarter of 2019.

Haier Ductless More Than Doubles Support Team and Opens New Training Centers

GE Appliances is making it easier than ever for contractors to get the training and product support they need for GE and Haier Ductless models. The company has more than doubled support staff at its call centers and launched the Haier Ductless Help app for after-hours support. Contractors can also access four training centers with locations in Chicago/Peru, IL; Wayne, NJ; Raleigh, NC; and Dallas, TX (opening December 2018).

“We know that a great ductless ownership experience begins with a successful installation,” said Buente. “As a leader in ductless systems, we are making it easier than ever for contractors and technicians to access our tools and knowledge to solve their challenges. Our training centers focus on installation and troubleshooting best practices and help solve common errors found in the field to ensure contractors feel confident installing and servicing our products.”

About Haier Ductless

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