Low housing inventory and even lower industry rates made 2020 a banner year for home builders. Building permits were up nearly 5% and new housing starts were up 7% vs. 2019.1

But once the houses are built, what should go in them to make them as appealing as possible to potential buyers? The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live over the course of the past year. Now that our homes additionally serve as work zones and classrooms, consumer demands for functionality and healthy living are pushing us to build differently. See here for a list of our top 10 KBIS/IBS products for 2021.

Clean and Sanitize

Cleaning and sanitization have been front and center in the home over the past year. Nearly half of consumers started using the sanitize cycle on their washer or are using it more often, and one-third reported the same with their dishwashers.2

The new dishwasher provides an updated appearance with a long-form door, as well enhanced cleaning and easier maintenance.
GE Dishwasher with Front Controls

More than 85% of GE Appliances’ dishwashers are equipped with the sanitize cycle like the new  GE Dishwasher with Front Controls (GDF535P, available in Black, White, Stainless and Bisque, Est Retail Price: $479/579). The sanitization cycle reduces 99% of bacteria on dishes, and it’s packed with other features including:

  • Best Drying Dishwasher in its Class* and with the use of Dry Boost it dries 7X better than competitive models.
  • Steam: Save time with a steam and sanitize option that loosens tough soils before the wash cycle begins, so you get a complete wash with no pre-rinsing or soaking necessary.
  • Active Flood Protect, to prevents potential overflows for greater peace of mind. A water sensor alarm cancels the wash cycle before a flood may occur and alerts you with blinking lights and an alert tone.
  • Family size capacity – holds 14 place settings
  • Made in America** (we recently announced a $80 million manufacturing line to make this appliance at our headquarters in Louisville, KY, creating 280 new jobs)

*With use of Dry Boost tested against similar featured products: FFID2426TS3A, WDF520PADM, DW80R2031US
**Made with 70-90% US Content

Connected is no longer an option, it’s a requirement

In just a few short years, smart home systems and Wi-Fi enabled features have become a standard feature (or upgrade package) for many new home builders.According to Jeremy Miller, Smart Home Solutions Commercial Director at GE Appliances, if you aren’t connected, you’re missing out. 

“We built the largest suite of connected appliances in the industry with a relentless focus on meaningful technology,” said Miller. “We are closer and more responsive to our owners than ever before, delivering the features they want today, and anticipating what they will need and want from their appliances in the years to come.”

GE Appliances offers over 600 smart appliance product and their open platform means it’s easy to bring on partners that provide meaningful value to owners.Earlier this year, GE Appliances became the first appliance company to team up with the Sonos wireless sound system. Consumers can set up helpful appliance notifications, such as an alert that the oven is pre-heated, or the dishwasher cycle is done, to sound on the Sonos speakers throughout their home. 

New partnerships are added regularly to the SmartHQ integrations bringing meaning and ease to consumers. See here for the latest partner news from the chores and parenting organizer app SmoresUp.

Voice Activated Appliance Features
Voice Activated Appliance Features

Touchless Tech

“The desire for touchless tech has steadily grown,” said Miller. “At the height of the pandemic, our owners were using voice control up to 100% percent more to preheat the oven, set a timer or perform other simple tasks with their connected appliances.” 

Voice activation is available via the SmartHQ app and through integrations with Google Assistant and Alexa. This allows users to perform a variety of tasks via their connected appliances, from controlling the lights and fan on the vent hood to operating the ice maker or sending instructions to the cooktop – all hands-free, reducing touch points and the spread of germs in the home. 

Remote fleet management and diagnostics for multi-family projectsMulti-family builders are reassessing safety for their residents in the new age of social distancing. SmartHQ Management is a touchless way for property managers to manage all the appliances they have in an apartment or facility without interrupting the guest or tenant.

SmartHQ app

SmartHQ Service makes it easier for a technician to service an appliance with possibilities of remote diagnosis minimizing appointments and reduces the

needs for visits with required parts.GE Appliances' SmartHQ Solutions™ platform is the first end-to-end smart solution that combines a suite of appliances and services and makes GEA the easiest appliance manufacturer to do business with, manage, use, and service.

Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, HUD, January 21, 2021

Ipsos survey, fielded on The Home Connection online research community July 2020.