LOUISVILLE, KY.– August 27, 2020– GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company is adding new HVAC products for the Recreational Vehicle Industry with innovative features and functionality. In addition to the current lineup of standard height RV Air Conditioner models, GEA is announcing a new rooftop heat pump model that puts the A/C in reverse mode allowing the unit to both cool in the summer and heat an RV in the winter. Heat from the outside is pumped to the interior of the RV to supplement the furnace operation. The GE RVAC heat pump continues to supplement heating at cold outdoor temperatures as low as 25°F. Its auto-defrost feature ensures any ice buildup on the heat exchanger is cleared off by periodically cycling the A/C unit.  

After breaking into the mobile living industry last year, GE Appliances has continued the innovation in the heating and air conditioning categories to bring new features with its trusted name to those on the go. With more than 100 years of engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence, these new products create new options in the category for RV enthusiasts.   

GE Appliance’s patent-pending Auto Changeover feature leverages Auto Defrost, an industry-first feature for the RV industry, allowing it to work down to 25°F outdoor temperature. It ensures a comfortable night of sleep without the need to turn on the furnace manually. The auto changeover function engages the furnace whenever outside temperatures drop below 25°F. There are three heating modes available: heat pump only, heat pump with furnace, and furnace only, which allows for flexibility in heating modes, giving owners more options to configure their ideal comfort setting. With the ability to operate down to 25°F , RV enthusiasts can  save money by using less propane for their furnace operation during cooler nights.  When combined with a propane powered furnace the heat pump with furnace mode will extend propane usage between 19 - 38% at an outdoor temperature of 35°F. 

Heat pump models are offered as 15,000 BTU in 2 colors: ARH15AACW Snow White and ARH15AACB Black Ice (MRSP $999)  
RVAC models with High Efficiency 

In order to increase flexibility and comfort options for RV enthusiasts, GEA is also adding high efficiency models to the lineup. The High Efficiency model is rated for a 15 Amp circuit breaker. For larger style RV’s that typically run on a 50-amp circuit, these new units allow consumers to introduce a 3rd A/C unit e.g. in the bedroom for additional cooling power and added comfort, without overloading the system. It also allows for more electronics to be operated simultaneously while the A/C is running, without overloading the amperage limit. 

High Efficiency models are available as 13,500 BTU products in two color choices: ARC13AHCW Snow White and ARC13AHCB Black Ice (MSRP $899).  

COMING SOON! RV-C Control capability 
Later this year GE Appliances will introduce RV-C compatibility to GE’s entire lineup of RV Rooftop air conditioners, giving even more flexibility to upgrade or retrofit RVs AC system. 

RV-C control capability will extend GEA’s RVAC models to allow interoperability with RV-C equipped vehicles, adding additional value to RV owners and providing more brand options to RV manufacturers. 

All models are designed to provide year-round comfort, quality, and performance for RV owners, with whisper quiet operation. 

GE Appliances announced entry into RV industry products here: https://pressroom.geappliances.com/news/a-new-world-of-cool-ge-appliances-launchescool-series-of-rv-appliances-at-elkhart-show  
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