GE Appliances, a Haier company, has led the cooking segment with industry firsts and consumer-driven innovations that improve cooking skills, promote healthier eating and create efficiencies for busy households since it launched its first full line of cooking devices more than a century ago. The company will debut its newest cooking innovations for 2020 at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS Booth #C6331) in Las Vegas, Nev. January 21 – 23.

“When it comes to cooking, we thrive on making the experience easier and better for consumers across all our brands,” said Paul Surowiec, vice president of cooking at GE Appliances. “We are closer and more responsive to our owners than ever before, delivering the features they want today, and anticipating what they will need and want from their cooking appliances in the years to come. And we do so with style, attention to every detail and an eye on all the latest design trends.”

Can’t miss cooking technology at KBIS 2020 includes:

Industry first in-oven camera frees owners from the ‘oven hover’

Launching in 2020 and debuting at KBIS, the in-oven camera combined with WiFi capabilities frees owners from standing captive in the kitchen to watch the chicken roast or the souffle rise. The camera is easily called up on any smart device, and owners can adjust cooking settings instantly. The included temperature probe, precision cooking modes and True European Convection with Direct Air technology ensure flawless execution every time. The in-oven camera will be available on the GE Profile 9000 Series Wall Ovens, 30” GE Profile Induction Cooktop Slide-in Range and the CAFÉ 30” Induction Cooktop Slide-in Range.

Hot Air Fry mode means crowd-pleasing crunch without the clutter or the calories

With Precision Cooking Air Fry mode, another industry first for GE Appliances, owners can achieve perfectly crunchy french fries, fried chicken and more with the touch of a button – and without all the calories. Unlike other convection baking modes, Air Fry directs intense heat and high-speed air around the food during the multi-stage cooking cycle. Hot Air Fry is available on select built-in and freestanding Profile and CAFÉ models.  

Precision Cooking pushes farther

Precision Cooking modes allow owners to try new recipes and perfectly execute their favorites, using a smart system that automatically tracks progress, modifies temperatures and adjusts cook times. Precision Cooking modes are tested thousands of times by GE Appliances food scientists, so owners can cook with confidence. Brilliant LCD touch screens make programming a snap, and best of all new Precision Cooking modes are constantly being rolled out, so connected GE Profile, CAFÉ and Monogram models are consistently updated with new cooking modes. Other tools that make Precision Cooking with GE Appliances seamless include:

  • Connected Precision Cooking Probe: Anyone who has ever cooked a prime rib, stuffed chicken or T-bone steak in their oven knows the importance of a meat probe. These unique devices offer casual cooks and expert chefs alike the ability to track the temperature of the food in their oven without having to constantly open the door, either on the control panel or even better, on a phone. Once your protein reaches the perfect temperature, the oven shuts off to prevent over-cooking. The connected probe comes free with purchase for dozens of GE, Profile, CAFÉ and Monogram ovens.

Guided cooking brings out the inner chef in everyone

Gourmet Guided cooking, available on select Profile and CAFÉ models, combines video-guided recipes from chefs with a system that automatically adjusts the time, temperature and cooking pace for perfect results every time.

-Sensor Cooktops: GE Appliances is making Guided Cooking easier and more accessible through a new built-in sensor on its induction cooktops. A technique that uses exact temperature control based on the food being prepared, Guided Cooking enables consistent, restaurant-quality results without the need for special pans or other cookware. Through a specialized, built-in sensor that allows the cook to set a precise temperature and maintain that consistency right on the cooktop via integration with the GE Appliances Kitchen Hub or through phones or tablets. This new technology will launch on select CAFÉ and Profile slide-in induction ranges in the summer of 2020.

Industry leading connected capabilities mean upgradability at every point

GE Appliances has the largest suite of smart home appliances and was the first to offer WiFi-connected, voice-controlled wall ovens with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit™; the first to offer a complete suite of connected appliances; and the first to deliver an over-the-range hood that doubles as a smart home command center.

With Smart HQ Home app, people can update appliance software with the touch of a button keeping up with new advances that upgrade the functionality of your appliances over time. Current capabilities include hundreds of embedded recipes, the ability to remote start your oven for a preheat before you get home, and step-by-step precision cooking modes like air fry to make you a better cook.

Our leadership in connected appliances led GE Appliances to be recognized as the IoT Breakthrough Smart Appliance Company of the Year two years in a row. For consumers, this translates to the confidence that their smart appliances are upgradable over time via software updates.