Louisville, Ky.—January 9, 2017—GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, and the IUE-CWA have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor contract. The agreement is now subject to review and ratification by the approximately 4,000 Union members who work at Appliance Park.

The new contract, which has enhancements in the pay and benefits package compared to the contract that was proposed in November, will also allow the business to improve the competitiveness of Appliance Park manufacturing, which presently operates at an annual loss. Details of the package will be shared with Union members by their leadership.

GEA Chief Negotiator for Appliance Park Eric Leef said, “The Union and the Company have worked very hard to address some of the key concerns employees had with the first contract we negotiated apart from GE. It was a first for both GE Appliances’ management and the Union. We both realize we had to make adjustments to improve Appliance Park’s ability to compete in the low-margin, crowded appliance industry. With this contract, endorsed by union leadership, we will be able to improve Appliance Park operations, serve customers better and work to continue to offer some of the best jobs in the Louisville community.”

IUE-CWA Local 83761 President Dana Crittendon said, “It has been a long, hard journey to get to the new proposed contract but I think our members will appreciate the extra time and effort we took to develop a contract that serves their needs better than the November agreement. It is a fair contract. The Company gave what they could considering the financial situation at Appliance Park, and now it is time for our members to do their part by voting to accept this contract.”

The IUE-CWA leaders are expected to share the tentative agreement with their members starting later today. The ratification vote is scheduled for later this week. Ratification of the proposed contract requires that 50 percent of the union members plus one vote to accept.

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