At a time when more than 300 million Americans are sheltering in place, GE Appliances is serving an essential mission in helping families live in clean and sanitary environments, prepare healthy meals and store food and medicine. As appliances are being used more than ever, consumer appreciation is at an all-time high, too. In the “Thank You” video, real consumers came together to thank GE Appliances’ employees for making, delivering, servicing their appliances so they can continue to take care of their families.

To coincide with this video, GE Appliances is also launching a special social media effort to celebrate the #goodthings during this difficult time, true to its brand “good things, for life." Over the coming weeks and months you’ll see @GEAppliances sharing some #goodthings – from appliance tips and tricks from its employees to community donations to day-to-day moments to make you smile. The brand wants to hear from you, too! Post what’s good in your life using the #goodthings hashtag.