• GE introduces industry-exclusive gas range with steam-clean technology
  • Cooking performance and natural steam cleaning at a budget-friendly price
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 24, 2011 — (NYSE: GE) — In an industry exclusive, GE marries the natural soil-busting ability of steam with the cooking performance of gas to offer consumers high-output meal preparation with high-performance cleaning. GE's new 30-inch free-standing gas range, model JGBS23, is the industry’s first and only gas range with steam-clean capabilities. The JGBS23 offers natural steam cleaning to loosen hard, baked-on food, so it can be easily wiped away with fewer chemicals and less scrubbing.
Steam has been used as an industrial, stand-alone cleaning aid to break down grease, hard-to-remove dirt and bacteria for more than 150 years, but until recently it was mostly limited to carpet cleaners and small appliances for home use. GE now incorporates steam cleaning features in consumer dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, electric and now, gas ovens.
Natural cleanability
The nearly instant intense heat of steam vibrates molecules causing hard, baked-on food items to break down and loosen. Because it’s airborne, steam easily penetrates small corners to simplify cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Steam also eliminates detergent deposits and bio-films, leaving surfaces cleaner and brighter. This is particularly noticeable on glass surfaces, such as the large window offered on GE’s gas ranges.
GE® 30-inch free-standing gas range with Steam Clean (Model JGBS23SETSS)
The new 30-inch GE® free-standing gas range is the industry's first with steam-clean capabilities.

"Steam is growing in popularity as a natural cleaning agent,” says Julie Muennich, senior marketing specialist for GE. “The steam feature on our electric ranges has been very well received, so we’re confident gas cooking enthusiasts will also appreciate this simple, effective way to clean up spills and messes."
Simply pour one cup of water in the reservoir, select the Steam Clean option on the control panel, and in approximately 30 minutes, most baked-on foods are looser and easier to wipe away, without chemicals and hard scrubbing.
Performance at a budget-friendly price
The extra-large 4.8 cu. ft. oven capacity provides excellent baking and broiling performance and allows consumers to cook several dishes or large meals at once. High-output 12,000 and 9,500 BTU sealed cooktop burners provide fast boiling, sautéing and frying. A 5,000 BTU burner also provides precise simmering. A big hearth window makes it easy to monitor oven cooking progress.
The JGBS23 free-standing gas range with industry-exclusive steam clean is available in black, white and bisque at an estimated low retail price of $599 and stainless steel at an estimated low retail price of $699.*
*Resellers determine their own resale price.