LOUISVILLE, Ky., — June 29, 2015 Improving the small things in life add up to make everyday living a little less hectic. This fall, GE (NYSE: GE) will launch a range line up and an over-the-range microwave in its Profile™ brand that can sync up with one another with the help of Bluetooth technology. The new feature, called Chef Connect™, creates a more unified experience in the kitchen by allowing the range to connect with the microwave.

“We believe adding this technology will be a feature consumers in kitchens throughout America can appreciate,” says Heather Koyama, GE Appliances product manager.

Chef Connect™, creates a more unified experience in the kitchen by allowing the range to connect with the microwave.

This connected pair will work together to provide the consumer with three options:

  1. Automatic lighting for cooking on the stovetop. When the range’s burner is turned on, the lights from the microwave will automatically turn on. Home chefs won’t need to flip a switch to see their food beautifully illuminated. GE also added a third light to create even better light distribution.
  2. Syncing the clocks. If the time is set on the microwave, the range will automatically sync to that time and vice versa. “That nagging one-minute difference between the microwave and the range will be a thing of the past,” says Koyama.
  3. Turn on the vent fan. Consumers also have the option of setting their vent fan to turn on automatically when the range is turned on. “This connectivity is really about convenience,” says Koyama.

The fall launch enhances home cooking with a stylish appearance in addition to connectivity.

Over-the-Range Microwave: This microwave, with a large capacity of 2.1 cubic feet, looks sleeker with bottom controls and an integrated handle. The look adds to the trend of seamless-appearing appliances. MSRP is $499 stainless or slate and $449 for black or white and will be available in September 2015.*

Ranges:  The new Free Standing Gas and Electric Profile will have a sleek new looks and great performance features with with edge-to edge-cooktops. MSRP will start for electric at $1,100 and $1,200 for gas and will be available in August 2015.*

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*Retailers determine price.