Like many first responder organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has led the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) to implement several new policies and procedures to help keep officers safe so that they can continue their essential job of protecting the community. As a result, officers at the department's Firearms Training Center have been limiting trips to the grocery store as well as limiting access to the facility by non-essential personnel to curb any unnecessary exposure.

Through GEA4Heroes, GE Appliances provided the center with a new refrigerator to keep foods safe for on-duty officers. Additionally, GEA supplied a new washer and dryer set to allow officers to clean potentially contaminated materials.

"It's tough and uncertain times, and we realize that as far as essential job duties and employees is that we both fit into the category," LMPD Ofc. Matt Gelhausen said. "And we're both working together to be able to fulfill our job to be able to continue to serve this community, and in turn, as GE Appliances does serving our nation."

GE Appliances launched the GEA4Heroes program in April with United Way Worldwide. A significant portion of appliances produced during the first two weeks of April are being donated to first responders and healthcare workers across the country.

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