LOUISVILLE, Ky. - GE Appliances, a Haier company, in partnership with ZMAN Technologies is now offering ovens and refrigerators that are 100% Kosher-certified when used in conjunction with the Shabbos Keeper. The new technology, certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) and Hisachdus Harabanim, overrides the usual everyday electrical operation of the appliance making it compliant with the rules of Jewish law during Shabbos and Yom Tov. This release is the first 100% Shabbos Kosher solution for ovens allowing even the strictest of observers the comfort of knowing they can cook, warm and store food in accordance with Jewish Law.

“As a company we’re always looking for ways we can come together to create good things for every home,” said Paul Surowiec, vice president of cooking at GE Appliances. “In this case, we not only brought several teams together internally, but we also worked closely with our external partners ZMAN Technologies and the world’s largest Kosher certification agencies to deliver a Shabbos Kosher-compliant solution and a separate Yom Tov solution for ovens. Thanks to this new technology, we can help even the most observant Orthodox Jews observe their religious beliefs and practices in the kitchen year-round.”

The Shabbos Keeper, which is sold separately, connects to an owner’s oven and refrigerator to automatically enable Shabbos-compatible modes each week and before every holiday. The Shabbos Keeper is preprogrammed through 2050, making it easy for the owner to stay in compliance. Once set, the Shabbos Keeper is programmed to automatically enter Enhanced Shabbos Mode 90 minutes before sunset Friday evening (to account for early Shabbos) and then revert to weekday mode 90 minutes after sunset on Saturday night.

“I personally certify the technology and oversee the lab testing,” said Rabbi Tzvi Ortner. “It took years to develop this technology and all Shabbos Keeper-compatible GE Appliances’ ovens and refrigerators have been lab tested, so people can feel confident that the appliances are compliant to the highest halacha standards.”

“ZMAN Technologies has been the trusted resource for products that integrate Shabbos observance and the practical use of electricity. We worked hand-in-hand with GE Appliances to ensure the end result was a product that was intuitive to use, convenient and most importantly reliable,” said Eli Antebi, Managing Director at ZMAN Technologies.

Unlike other appliance manufacturers’ Shabbos modes, this Enhanced Shabbos mode allows an oven door to be opened and closed as many times as needed throughout the entire Shabbos or Yom Tov period. Similar to a warming drawer functionality, this feature allows owners to take out some food while keeping other food or courses warm. In addition to the automatic warm and cooking mode, it disables the buttons on the appliance, and will adjust temperatures automatically during Shabbos and Yom Tov.

“We used a semi-open loop control to maintain a steady temperature of 350 degrees in bake mode while allowing the owner to open the oven door at any time,” said Amelia Hensley, director of cooking systems at GE Appliances. “The open loop control alternates the heaters within the oven, so as one heater turns off the other would turn on, and the cycle would then repeat.”

For refrigerator models, the Shabbos Keeper enables features like dimming the interior LED light, fan control and 72-hour battery back-up while ensuring the deactivation of the touch screens and water dispenser. All electronics in the refrigerators, including the compressor, are completely computer-controlled.

A wide range of GE Appliances oven and refrigerator models work with the Shabbos Keeper and are available at select retailers in New York, New Jersey and throughout the Northeast. For more information about the appliances, visit www.geappliances.com/shabbos. For information on where to purchase the Shabbos Keeper, visit www.zmantechnologies.com.

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