LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 8, 2021 – Monogram will treat attendees to an immersive, virtual travel experience at the 2021 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, February 9-12. The luxury appliance brand will provide exclusive access to the homes of an elite group of experts from discerning home owners to leading designers, builders and celebrity chefs, who will showcase their homes and experiences with the latest Monogram products. The 2021 Monogram experience at KBIS was designed in collaboration with Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, a recognized kitchen and bath design authority, who was recently named Monogram Creative Director.   

 “The definition of luxury is very personal,” said Julie Burns, executive director, Monogram. “The virtual format of KBIS allows us intimate access into exclusive locations to gain design inspiration, product insights and knowledge from an incredible group of people across the country. We will see the Statement and Minimalist Collections in diverse settings coast to coast that showcase the product’s design versatility.    The one constant is Monogram’s commitment to the details that define luxury. Those details are experienced in the craftsmanship and materials that create these products which elevate our cooking experiences and our homes.”

Crafted with an eye to the techniques and materials used in the luxury automobile industry, every product in the Monogram portfolio is expertly engineered and meticulously designed. Whether consumers lean towards the Statement Collection for a more traditional style, or the on-trend Minimalist Collection’s sleek lines and contemporary feel, they will experience exceptional design and cooking performance inspired by professional culinary spaces.

New Monogram products for 2021 include:

  • Monogram Statement Collection Professional Range (available April 2021, $10,300–$14,200 suggested retail): Monogram completely redesigned the professional range for an exciting new release this spring. A coveted standout for any chef, featuring luxe brass accents, meticulously selected materials and industry-exclusive technology, this stunner makes a statement in any kitchen. Monogram’s industry-exclusive TrueTemp™ Burner is the first of its kind gas burner that can be set to maintain an exact temperature and hold it. That means you can dial in the perfect temperature to caramelize onions, sear a steak or sizzle scallops without over-cooking. It’s also compatible with Hestan Cue for a step-by-step guided cooking experience. The versatile cooktop delivers exceptional flexibility with multi-ring configurations and brass burners for high-heat durability, precision oven modes including hot air fry, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, which are sure to elevate any cooking experience. 
  • X-Series 30" Wall Ovens (available April 2021, $4,200-$6,700 suggested retail): Monogram’s Twin Convection Direct Air System combines with an intuitive LCD touch screen to deliver a superior cooking experience. The easily programmed Precision Cooking modes automatically track the progress and doneness of a dish and adjust cooking time and temperature to achieve flawless results. Built-in WiFi allows owners to control a wide variety of functions via the SmartHQ app and use voice commands with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The Minimalist X-series offers a handle-free appearance and voice-to-open capabilities. Available in both single and double configurations in both the Statement and Minimalist collections.
  • Induction Cooktops (available January 2021, $2,730-$3,230 suggested retail): These gorgeous cooktops are perfect for those looking for leading performance and seamless design. Available in 30” or 36” configurations with a black or silver-metallic finish, an optional kit allows for a completely flush installation with surrounding countertops. The cooktops include a Precision Cooking pan and are upgraded with built-in Bluetooth and WiFi to provide an unparalleled gourmet guided cooking experience with the Hestan Cue app to deliver perfect results from a selection of hundreds of chef-inspired recipes. Experienced cooks will love the precise temperature control and cooking probe.
  •  Statement 30" Steam Oven (available April 2021, $3,400 suggested retail): The Monogram Steam Oven delivers new cooking results with the addition of an innovative recirculating water system that adds steam to a kitchen staple. Steam cooking retains the flavor, color and nutritional value of foods, but this hardworking appliance goes beyond vegetables. Equipped with rigorously tested and easy-to-use preset modes, it also helps you cook perfectly fluffy rice and grains, revives leftovers and is the ultimate companion for baking and roasting. It makes high-quality steam cooking simple for any level of cooking experience, and applies steam assist to convection baking, broiling or roasting modes. 

Monogram 2021 KBIS Kitchens

Meet the elite group of experts from discerning home owners to leading designers, builders and celebrity chefs, who will showcase their homes and experiences with the latest Monogram products for KBIS 2021.

To schedule a media tour during KBIS 2021, email media@geappliances.com. For more information about the Monogram brand and available products, visit Monogram.com and follow @MonogramAppliances on Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube to experience the #MarkofLuxury.

About Monogram 

Monogram™ takes pride in its quality and artistry, crafting appliances that are expertly engineered and purposefully designed with a minimalist elegance that reflects the feedback, personality and lifestyles of owners with distinctive tastes. With an uncompromising attention to every detail, every material and every industry-exclusive, award-winning feature, Monogram Appliances Elevate Everything™ in the kitchen. For more information on Monogram ranges, cooktops, microwaves, pizza ovens, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, wine reserves, dishwashers, and compactors, visit www.monogram.com. Learn more about the Monogram Designer Council and the designers at https://www.monogram.com/creative-partners/designer-council/.