LOUISVILLE, Ky.—February 18, 2019Monogram® revealed the future of modern luxury appliances with the introduction of two new collections that launched at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2019. The ultrapremium brand worked closely with high-end designers to achieve a seamless, contemporary feel through elevated craftsmanship, meticulously selected materials and attention to every luxury detail. KBIS marked the first unveiling of Monogram’s new collections to the wider design community.

“The trend we’re seeing in luxury kitchen environments is a move toward a minimalist appearance that exemplifies modern living and contemporary design,” said Rebecca Alvord, principal industrial designer, Monogram. “With these new and inspired collections, we’re moving toward a sleeker look that is embodied by elevated craftsmanship and materials which will blend more seamlessly with adjacent cabinetry.”

Monogram’s Professional Collection achieves the perfect blend of traditional and modern with the use of bold edge-to-edge handles, gleaming stainless steel and rich interactive graphical displays. Large windows and minimal use of knobs mean the collection can elevate any kitchen design with accents that unify with the overall desired aesthetic.

For those with a sleek design sensibility, Monogram’s Minimal Collection takes the use of clean lines and seamless integration even further with precisely machined metal framing and large windows. Knobs and handles are eliminated wherever possible with touch-to-open features and the use of Monogram’s unique LCD interactive display, both of which are exemplified in its push-touch oven that has no hardware at all.

For both collections, Monogram engineers drew inspiration from techniques and materials on high-end automobiles, opting to include precision-machined aluminum extrusions for virtually invisible seams. This specialized technique enables ultraflush installations with crisp edges and tight custom fits between appliances and surrounding cabinetry. Additionally, special attention has been placed on alignment of handles and screens across the collections’ products for perfect symmetry in increasingly popular side-by-side installations.

“Through our Monogram Design and Experience Centers in Chicago and Louisville, we have collaborated with top designers to ensure the details of these collections are flawless and flexible for the future of kitchen design,” said Edward Mammorella, commercial brand director, Monogram. “Our display at KBIS will reflect the artistry we have crafted into these new collections. And we’ll use the show as an opportunity to further explore every aspect of the design with the wider design community.”

Monogram also features its latest 5-in-1 wall ovens with built-in Advantium Technology for both collections, demonstrating how the luxury brand elevates both design and modern cooking.

The new Monogram collections will be available for order in early 2020. Learn more about Monogram’s luxury creations that Elevate Everything™ at monogram.com.

About Monogram®

Monogram® takes pride in its quality and artistry, crafting appliances that are expertly engineered and purposefully designed with a minimalist elegance that reflects the feedback, personality and lifestyles of owners with distinctive tastes. With an uncompromising attention to every detail, every material and every industry-exclusive, award-winning feature, Monogram Appliances Elevate Everything™ in the kitchen. For more information on Monogram ranges, cooktops, microwaves, pizza ovens, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, wine reserves, dishwashers and compactors, visit www.mongram.com.