In Louisville’s Parkland neighborhood, the new Dare to Care Food Bank Community Kitchen is taking shape. The Kitchen, located at the site of a former grocery store, will soon feature innovative, targeted programs that will serve thousands of food-insecure residents across the community.

One of those programs is called Cooking Matters, and it empowers families with the skills, knowledge and confidence to cook healthy and affordable meals. That mission means a lot to GE Appliances. That’s why GEA made sure Dare to Care had the appliances it needed to grow this project even further. GEA recently outfitted the Kitchen’s new demonstration and teaching classroom with GE Profile and Monogram dishwashers, freezers, ovens, ranges and refrigerators.

“This will be a real game changer for us in being able to reach many more students through this training program, which is really changing behavior patterns and changing eating styles and improving the health of our community,” said Dare to Care Food Bank Executive Director Brian Riendeau. “We’re building a platform here that will serve this community for decades to come, and knowing this partnership with GE Appliances and Dare to Care has been able to create this amazing asset that we’ll be able to leave for the community is pretty extraordinary.”

The Community Kitchen is expected to be completed near the end of May.

Dare to Care Community Kitchen Donation from GE Appliances Communications on Vimeo.

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