Luxury Design Trends and Beyond

Richard, tell us more about your new role as Monogram Creative Director. What does that entail?

It’s truly a dream! I work with the brand to advise them on a range of projects from product launches to creative campaigns and marketing materials. This translates into a variety of projects. I provided input on the new Monogram Pro Range that we are highlighting at KBIS, and most recently assisted in the development of Monogram’s first bespoke fragrance titled Aurum. I also serve as an ambassador to the Monogram Designer Council, regularly sharing global trends and creative perspectives.

As a designer who is extremely passionate about luxury, Monogram’s appliances fit seamlessly into my designs. The appliances are designed with an incredible amount of attention to detail in their materials, and their performance is unparalleled. The synergy is exciting, and we are just scratching the surface of possibilities for the future.

You recently opened a showroom in Nashville. Tell us more about your role with Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio and the showroom that you designed.

I joined the team of Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio in their new Nashville location as Lead Designer. The company has been in operation in Atlanta for over 40 years, and it’s been an exciting venture to introduce them to a new market. Nashville is a wonderful and welcoming place with great energy, and I have quickly felt at home.

There are eight full room environments in the showroom, ranging from the most contemporary to the most traditional space. Every room pushes an architectural story with thought-provoking ideas, evolved space planning and exotic material executions. I am very proud of the space and can’t wait to share more over time.

Did Monogram’s appliances influence your design in your Nashville showroom? If so, how?

Definitely. I have been inspired by the beautiful brass accents of Monogram’s statement collection since it launched. For our Modern Farm Kitchen at Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio Nashville, we wanted a crisp contemporary line, but with a real warmth to the material palette. The striking brass accents and clean form of the Statement Collection immediately came to mind and were a building block to the room concept. The room features a 48” statement rangetop, brass hearth oven and integrated refrigeration and dishwasher. The brass details give a wonderful dimension and luxe vibe to the space, and the sleek geometry and integration of the appliances speak to the simplicity of the farmhouse vernacular.

What are the top luxury trends that you think will emerge at KBIS this year?

Richard Anuszkiewicz, Monogram Creative Director

I think we will continue to see a mixed metal story across different product offerings, and more integrated technology. As always, I think we’ll see that luxury is in the details, and it’s extremely personal. To quote the Monogram tagline, “It’s the details that define us.” The weight of a door. The precision of a flush installation. This is where luxury lies — in the engagement of touch, the innovation ofmaterials and the accents that delight.

What are you expecting from a virtual show?

I look forward to KBIS every year. It’s the Super Bowl of our industry. The show is near and dear to my heart since first attending as a student in Chicago in 2008, and I remember it as an “ah-ha” moment in my career. It will certainly be a different experience virtually, but I think change is healthy. We all need to continually evolve to stay relevant and progressive, so I am looking forward to this new format. The power of creativity will never disappoint. It will be fun to see what brands do to stand out from the crowd in this format.

What do you hope people get from Monogram’s virtual booth during KBIS?

At Monogram, we have set the bar at KBIS to be a leader and visual voice of inspiration and progression. This year, we dove deep into that mindset to continue to tell our story on how we elevate everything, even virtually. For 2021 we are taking attendees on a journey into luxury. We have a cross-country tour series featuring talented design pros, builders and celebrity chefs who all have a personal connection to Monogram in their own home. It’s a special collection of unique, heartfelt and inspiring stories. We also have a full agenda of video content and live sessions to connect with people.

How do you think the pandemic is changing the way that people design their kitchens?

The kitchen has always been known as the heart of the home, and with the word “home” carrying more meaning than ever before, the heart is truly the lifeline today. Our lives have slowed down a bit, which has been a great recalibration. People are cooking more and spending a lot more time in the kitchen. We are continuing to see the evolution in added adjacent spaces such as sculleries, second kitchens and butler’s pantries with the addition of lounge-type seating and sanitation solutions finding their way into the kitchen.

What’s next for you?

I have a lot of career and life goals yet to achieve. I am extremely committedto making them come to fruition. Along that journey, I hope to continue to inspire and lead other professionals, colleagues and clients to a forward-thinking mindset. I believe in challenging the expected and continuing to innovate for the future.In the great words of Monogram, continue to “elevate everything!”