GE Appliances, a Haier company, is teaming up with @Amazon and @GE to protect consumers from purchasing counterfeit refrigerator water filters. In a civil lawsuit announced today, together we are taking a stand against counterfeiters attempting to sell fake water filters online using the GE logo.

“It’s important that consumers have an awareness about the risks associated with non-genuine refrigerator water filters,” says James Downey, Senior Director, Water Filtration at GE Appliances. “Counterfeit filters do not adhere to the same quality and performance standards and not only can fail to provide filtration performance as advertised, but in some cases can add impurities and harmful contaminants to the drinking water. At GE Appliances, we have traceability in our supply chain for the materials used in our filters and stand behind our products with additional third-party testing you can trust.” 

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Katherine Caverno, Senior Design Engineer for Refrigeration, tests the effectiveness of genuine GE Appliances' water filters compared to counterfeit knock-offs. At GE Appliances’ testing labs, our scientists and engineers are dedicated to innovating the latest carbon block technology and developing the best formulas for performance to ensure our consumers have clean and safe drinking water.

To learn more, check out an article from GE Appliances or visit the water filtration website or watch the video below.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, on behalf of the industry, has further educational materials at