• First refrigerator in the industry that can heat 10 ounces of water in minutesideal for steeping tea and preparing other foods and beverages
  • Hot water dispenser lets consumers accurately choose the perfect temperature, from 90–185 degrees Fahrenheit, or select one of four pre-programmed settings
  • Eliminates guesswork that goes into selecting the best temperature for teas

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — April 9, 2013 — (NYSE: GE) —No longer do tea aficionados have to use a thermometer and a tea kettle to get a precise temperature at which to brew their favorite teas. GE’s latest refrigerator can now do all the work for them in a matter of minutes.

The new GE Café™ French door refrigerator is the first refrigerator on the market to dispense hot water. It offers users four different pre-programmed temperature settings, which include 90 degrees for warm, 150 degrees for cocoa, 170 degrees for tea and 185 degrees for soup, and a customizable one, from 90–185 degrees, making it perfect for steeping delicate teas and making quick work of oatmeal, hot chocolate and other food preparation.

“Consumers may have had to sacrifice the optimal tea experience in the past because their microwave or stove wouldn’t give them a precise hot water temperature,” said Rob Lewis, lead design engineer for GE Appliances. “Now within minutes they can be sipping their favorite tea, just like it would be brewed by an expert, while they read the news.”

Tea popularity growing
The tea industry continues to grow in the United States, increasing from under $2 billion in 1992 to over $8 billion in 2012.1 On any given day, more than 160 million Americans are drinking tea, and in 2012 alone, Americans consumed well over 65 billion servings of tea.2

“The prime drivers of this growth are the increasing amount of scientific evidence associating tea consumption with health benefits and the allure of exotic specialty hot teas to a growing number of affluent tea aficionados,” said Joseph P. Simrany, president of the Tea Association of the USA, Inc.

Tea is uniquely positioned to flourish in today’s health-conscious environment because of the positive consumer perception and scientific research that serves to reinforce that perception.3 Tea contains flavonoids, naturally occurring compounds that have been shown to have antioxidant properties, which work to neutralize free radicals. Scientists believe, over time, free radicals may damage elements in the body.4

From 90 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit in minutes
Each tea category has an ideal steeping temperature. For example, green tea is best at lower temperatures, and tea manufacturers offer very specific suggestions, from 122–185 degrees Fahrenheit.5 Now, those precise temperatures can be easily set on the GE Café refrigerator, with 10 ounces of precisely controlled hot water being dispensed in minutes. Other settings can be used to enjoy other food and drinks throughout the day, from oatmeal to soup to hot chocolate.

Cleaner water at the perfect temperature
In addition to hot water, the Café French door refrigerator features the most advanced water filtration system in the industry. The system has been tested and certified by an independent third party to remove 98 percent of five trace pharmaceuticals, such as ibuprofen (a painkiller) and progesterone (a hormone).* In addition, the filter is located in the door for easy replacement, while also freeing up valuable space in the refrigerator. The replacement water filter model number is RPWF.

Pricing and availability
The GE Café French door refrigerator (model CFE29TSDSS) is built in Louisville, Ky., and the estimated retail price is $3,199.The refrigerator is available wherever GE appliances are sold.

About GE Appliances
GE Appliances is at the forefront of building innovative, energy-efficient appliances that improve people’s lives. GE Appliances’ products include refrigerators, freezers, cooking products, dishwashers, washers, dryers, air conditioners, water filtration systems and water heaters. General Electric (NYSE: GE) works on things that matter to build a world that works better. For more information on GE Appliances, visit www.ge.com/appliances.

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* The pharmaceuticals and other substances removed or reduced by this filter are not necessarily in any given water supply.
†Retailers set their own prices.