LOUISVILLE, Ky. — January 5, 2018 — Without the hindrance of buttons or dials, the new GE Profile™ wall oven with LCD screen display opens the door for a better cooking experience. From more precise cooking modes to helpful tips served when home cooks need them most, this oven broils on your behalf and cues convection without missing a beat.

“This wall oven model is the difference between a feature phone and a smartphone,” said Brian McWaters, marketing director for GE Appliances’ built-in cooking products. “Sure, you could make ‘calls’ on both, but once the LCD screen replaced physical buttons, a world of opportunity opened up. The same holds true here.”

Thanks to the LCD screen, GE Appliances' engineers now have the ability to provide unlimited cooking algorithms so owners can truly cook by food type.

GE Profile™ Wall Oven
New GE Profile™ wall ovens feature a 7-inch, full-color brilliant touch display that helps to harness the high-tech culinary skills of the oven in a stylish and easy-to-navigate user interface.  

“Finely tuning oven behavior isn’t new for us, but this technology allows us to customize settings for a specific food rather than a group of foods,” said Sabrina Hannah, engineer in GE Appliances’ cooking lab. “Previously, we were limited by the number of selections; ‘Bake’ had to work just as well with a frozen pizza as it did a cake. The new LCD screen removes that barrier so that a particular food can be cooked with a customized set of heat, temperature and airflow settings.”

The oven, which features a 7-inch, full-color brilliant-touch display, will also display cooking tips to homeowners from where to place the meat probe to the best position of the oven racks.

Hannah, who provides cooking tips for GE Appliances’ owner’s manuals, explained, “The cooking tips aren’t changing, but we’re delivering them in a more relevant way. A consumer doesn’t have to dig up a manual to read where to place a rack for beef tenderloin; it’s now displayed right on the oven.”

The new wall oven, which will have the ability to download additional algorithms and cooking tips as they roll out, is one of the latest steps in GE Appliances’ effort to help owners prepare meals using assisted cooking with a WiFi connection. Recent partners like Drop, which preheats GE Appliances connected ovens at just the right point in the recipe, and Innit, which sends cooking instructions directly to connected ovens, help guide an owner through the cooking process.

“We want our ovens to be a true partner in the kitchen; that’s why they’re smarter than ever before,” said McWaters. “You can preheat your oven from the store via your phone, use voice commands to set a timer when your hands are tainted by raw chicken, and even connect your oven to your smart smoke detector to prevent a possible fire.”

The new GE Profile wall ovens, models PT9051SLSS and PT9551SLSS, will be available in January in single and double configurations with an MSRP of $2,499–$3,399. Find more “good things, for life” at www.geappliances.com.

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