• GE’s industry-first Built-in Risers™ for frontload washers and dryers mean less bending for consumers and more usable workspace
  • New GE frontload washer and dryer have largest openings in the industry, making loading and unloading clothes easier
  • The new GE laundry pair is produced in Louisville, Ky.

LOUISVILLE, Ky.April 22, 2013 — (NYSE: GE) — GE engineers and industrial designers have made laundry day less taxing with a universally designed frontload washer and dryer built for every body. The GE® RightHeight™ Design frontload washer and dryer incorporate the industry’s largest openings and the first Built-in Riser™ to minimize strenuous bends and long reaches.

“Approximately 59 percent of consumers purchase a washer based on its opening and how easy it is to access,”1 said Paul Riley, marketing manager for the GE Clothes Care team. Although manufacturers recommend buying pedestals to raise the height of their washers and dryers, about 60 percent of consumers forgo the added expense.2  Many owners skip pedestals and spend their time in the laundry room hunched over, loading and unloading clothes.

GE took the opportunity to improve the frontload laundry experience by offering Built-in Risers that raise the ENERGY STAR®-qualified washer and dryer 7 inches, a larger door opening to load and unload laundry, wash and dry features that simplify the process, and a variety of finishes suited to the latest home trends. 

GE's industry-first Built-in Risers™ for frontload washers and dryers mean less bending for consumers and more usable workspace.

“Minimizing extreme postures, such as kneeling in front of the washer drum, was a focus in the development of the integrated riser on our new GE frontload washers,” said Dr. Cathy Emery, human factors manager for GE Appliances.

The integrated riser elevates the machine to a height of 47 inches, making the top a useable space for tasks like folding clothes and laying items to dry, and the door is a comfortable height for putting in and removing laundry. “Traditional pedestals raise the machine to a height that makes most people consign it to a storage shelf,” said Riley. “Without pedestals, the washer and dryer sit so low that some people describe it as uncomfortable. Our integrated risers are a great height for an average consumer.”

A laundry list of features for a simple clean

  • GE engineered a wider doorthe largest opening in the industryto accommodate big items like a bulky comforter.
  • The Stain Removal Guide will help get rid of five of the most commonly researched stains on the Internet (grass, wine, blood, tomato and dirt) by adjusting the water temperature, spin speeds, wash action and soak time for any cycle.*
  • The GE RightHeight Design frontload washer and dryer with Built-in Risers will be available in June, and consumers can choose from white, ruby red or metallic carbon finishes.  
  • Single-Item Wash: Ditch the environmental guilt with this uniquely designed cycle that offers great wash performance for single items.
  • Overnight Dry™: This setting can wash and dry a small load and have it ready to wear by the next morning without having to be transferred to the dryer.
  • Steam Assist: Helps loosen hard-to-remove stains to get clothes clean.
  • Multi-Dose Dispense: The washing machine does its best washing when the detergent is dispensed in smaller amounts during the wash cycle rather than dispensed all at once in the beginning. In this model, there is a timed release for detergent, bleach and fabric softener. 
  • Detangle Assist: This dryer feature makes wrestling clothes apart a chore no more. During the cycle, the drum rotates in reverse to prevent the tangling of clothing and speeds up drying results. 

Estimated retail price of both the GE RightHeight Design frontload washer with Built-in Riser, model GFWR4805FMC, and the GE RightHeight Design frontload dryer with Built-in Riser, model GFDR485EFMC, is $1,399.**

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1. The Stevenson Company, August 2009.
2. The Stevenson Company. Data ranges from 2008 to 2011 and pulled from a second quarter 2012 Stevenson report. An average of 28.9 percent of consumers purchased pedestals for their frontload washing machines.
* GE recommends pre-treating stains before washing for best results.
† Color availability varies by model.
‡ GE frontload washer's Overnight Dry cycle keeps clothes moving gently up to eight hours to remove moisture content for 2.5 lbs. Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers spec allows drying of one pair of jeans, three cotton dress shirts, two soccer uniforms, three sets of crib sheets, one dress shirt, one pair of khakis, or two sets of scrubs.
** Retailers set their own prices.