• New high-efficiency topload washer has largest capacity in the industry—meaning fewer loads for busy people
  • First topload washer to internally store a gallon each of detergent and fabric softener and dispense them automatically*
  • Industry snapshot: high-efficiency topload washers are the fastest growing product category in home laundry appliances**

LOUISVILLE, Ky., December 13, 2012 — (NYSE: GE) — Consumers can now tackle more dirty laundry in fewer loads thanks to GE’s newest washer. The new, GE high-efficiency (HE) topload washer features the industry’s largest capacity (five cubic feet) for toploading models while using less energy and water than a traditional washer.

Over the last two years, the HE topload market has expanded 34 percent.*** “While awareness for high-efficiency topload washers is still relatively low, when consumers learn about the benefits, they are jazzed about them,” says Heather Koyama, topload laundry product manager for GE Appliances. “It’s the best of both worlds . . . a completely redesigned washer with huge capacity that uses less energy and water and yet looks familiar and easy to use.”

Demystifying HE topload washers
To be categorized as an HE washer, the machine must meet certain standards for water, electricity and detergent use. “GE’s new HE topload washer is about 60 percent more water efficient than a traditional topload washer,” says Koyama. “There is no agitator in an HE washer, so there is freed-up space to hold more clothes. The higher spin speeds allow more moisture to be removed from the clothes, which saves energy in the dryer.”

GE's new high-efficiency (HE) topload washer features the industry's largest capacity for toploading models and the first detergent auto-dispenser for toploading models.

In addition to its efficiency, consumers will appreciate the time-saving, convenience-focused features on the new GE washer. Among them:

  • SmartDispense™: An industry first for toploading models, the GE washing machine stores up to a gallon each (two months of laundry on average) of detergent and fabric softener and automatically dispenses them. The amount of detergent dispensed is based on each load's soil level and fabric or cycle type. This built-in feature can be turned off or adjusted to accommodate special loads where a different type of detergent may be needed.
  • Stain Removal Guide: Simply press a button to tackle four of the most common clothing stains (tomato sauce, cooking oil, grass and dirt) in optimal conditions, as determined in GE’s laundry labs. Select a stain and the washer adjusts to the optimal settings for water temperature, dispenses the correct amount of detergent and adds a pre-soak, if needed.
  • Highly Efficient: GE’s new high-efficiency topload washer is an ENERGY STAR® product that meets CEE Tier 3 requirements for energy and water efficiency.
  • Steam Assist: A steam option in the washer helps to loosen difficult stains, from the kids’ spaghetti stains to dad’s muddy jeans, before the wash cycle begins.
  • Washer to Dryer Communication: A communication cable, sold with the matching dryer, allows the washer and dryer to communicate, so the dryer is automatically programmed based on the washer setting.
  • Visually Appealing: Positioned in the washer and dryer, LED lighting ensures users catch every last garment when changing loads. Glass doors let consumers see what stage of the cycle their laundry is in.
  • “Favorites”: Similar to programming favorite radio stations, consumers can save their favorite wash cycles. This industry-first setting saves consumers time inputting steam, temperature and other options with every load.
  • E-wash and E-dry Settings: These settings offer up to 10 percent reduction in water and energy consumption per load to cut down on the water and electricity bills. All models also are Smart-Grid enabled.

The GE HE topload washers, as well as companion dryers, will be available in white and metallic-carbon colors at retailers nationwide in December. The washers (GTWS8655DMC, GTWS8650DWS, GTWS8355HMC, GTWS8350HWS) retail for an MSRP of $1,199-$1,499. The dryers (GTDS855GD, GTDS855ED, GTDS825GD, GTDS825ED, GTDS820EDWS) retail for an MSRP of $1,299-$1,499.****

*Amount of detergent dispensed based on the conditions of the load
**The Stevenson Company research on behalf of GE
***Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
****Retailers set their own prices

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