Louisville, KY – Feb. 27, 2024 – GE Appliances, a Haier company, Air and Water Solutions announced the launch of the all-new GE Profile™ GeoSpringSmart Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater. According to the Department of Energy, water heating accounts for about 18% of your home’s energy use and is typically the second largest energy expense in any home. To help alleviate some of those costs, the GeoSpring uses heat pump technology to offer up to 3 to 4 times more efficiency than standard electric models.[1] Plus, it features built-in demand response capabilities to optimize home energy usage when rates are the lowest. 

GeoSpring’s FlexCAPACITY, made possible with a patented, electronic integrated mixing valve, can provide up to 60% more hot water versus comparable models [2], allowing a 50-gallon tank to operate at the same effective capacity as an 80-gallon tank. The GeoSpring also includes the CTA-2045 Smart Home Solution, enabling it to be demand response ready by communicating with utility companies and responding intelligently to power grid conditions.  

In addition to these new technologies, GeoSpring also has flexible and connected features to help owners achieve greater energy efficiency, performance and cost savings, including:   

  • WiFi Connected and SmartHQ™ compatibility allows users to monitor energy and cost usage, easily join utility time of use plans, change temperature and capacity, set a custom schedule and receive notifications on any leaks detected. 
  • Five operational modes give users the flexibility to switch between Heat Pump Only, Hybrid, High Demand, Standard Electric and Vacation.  
  • 240- and 120-volt options are available to fit a variety of installation requirements. The 120-volt option also allows the GeoSpring to be plugged into a standard outlet, providing flexibility in where owners can install a unit and can be an ideal replacement for owners converting from gas to electric.  
  • A sensing anode rod that’s WiFi-enabled alerts owners when it’s 75% depleted and ready to be replaced. Proper anode maintenance extends the water heaters life and performance. 
  • Inflation Reduction Act eligibility for a 30% tax credit by investing in energy-saving products.[3] 

“We’re excited to showcase our latest evolution in water heaters with new connected features that consumers already love and expect from GE Profile,” said Stefania Parravicini, commercial director for water heating at GE Appliances. “The GE Profile GeoSpring Smart Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater combines top-notch energy efficiency with maximum performance and connected features including demand response and SmartHQ to give consumers the power to track their usage, achieve great efficiency and lower their utility bills.” 

This GeoSpring is the fourth generation of heat pump water heaters from GE Appliances. After starting in 2008 with the first residential heat pump water heater, GE Appliances has continued to develop and apply new technology that will make GeoSpring a leader in the industry for years to come. In addition to the latest advancements, the GeoSpring is Energy Star-rated and meets the latest Department of Energy standards.  

The GE Profile GeoSpring Smart Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater will be available in early 2025 with a pre-production prototype on display in the Ecobalance Smart Home Energy System Management System by Profile in the NetZero section of the GE Appliances  booth #W2830 at KBIS.  

Visit www.geappliancesairandwater.com to learn more or schedule a booth tour by emailing geappliances@allisonworldwide.com. For more information about GE Profile and its range of available products, visit www.geprofile.com or follow @geprofile on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest or YouTube. 

[1] Based on UEF vs. traditional standard electric tank water heaters 
[2] Versus comparable water heater without mixing valve at 120° F and 58° F inlet water temperature. 

[3] Maximum rebate for product and installation of $2000. See tax professional for details. 


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