Don’t forget to clean those that help you cleaned all year...we’re not talking about your family, we’re talking about your appliances. Whether you can dedicate an entire week or just a Sunday, there are plenty of ways to freshen up your home.

Make it sparkle: Get rid of that built up food by running a self clean cycle. High temps will burn food off during the 1.5 - 3 hour cycle. Wipe large food particles before starting a self clean cycle and then wipe any “food ash” off with a clean cloth when it’s through.

Quick Clean: If you’re low on time and grime try the Steam clean cycle which takes 30 minutes and removes small spills from your oven’s interior.

Make it Sparkle: For “burned-on” spills, wait for the cooktop to cool, use an approved cleaner, rub with a soft cloth in circles and then buff with a towel. If the spill is large, you may need a cooktop approved scraper with a sharp razor blade. 

Quick Clean: Clean as you go. Make it a habit to wipe off the cooktop after every spill. And, avoid glass cleaner as it leaves a film.

Front Load Washer
Make it Sparkle: Remove all clothes and then pour a cup of vinegar into the basket. Then run a full cycle, without detergent, to keep it smelling fresh. 

Quick Clean: Clean out the rubber gasket and remove items that may have fallen out of pants pockets - hair ties, coins and more. Leave door ajar so the machine can breathe. 

Make it Sparkle: Bring in a pro to vacuum your lint dryer and clean your exhaust ducting. A partially clogged duct could lengthen drying time.

Quick Clean: Lightly spray a few towels with white vinegar and run a cycle to keep things fresh. 

Make it Sparkle: Wipe the interior down thoroughly with a baking soda and water solution. Be sure to use a soft cloth.

Quick Clean: Next time you're steaming veggies, give the interior a good wipe after, or better yet use the steam clean setting.

Make it sparkle: Wipe down the interior with a bleach solution (1/8 cup bleach to 1 gallon water) then run a normal cycle without detergent. 

Quick Clean: Make sure there is no lingering food at the bottom of your dishwasher which can cause odors. 

Make it Sparkle: Wipe down the interior of fridge with a tablespoon of baking soda to a quart of water. Avoid putting warm water on a cold glass shelf as it may shatter. Go the extra mile and clean behind the fridge. Always pull the fridge out directly, and never side to side as you could damage the fridge or floor. 

Quick Clean: Get rid of expired food, spot clean the interior of the fridge, and place an open box of baking soda to absorb odors.