More people are connecting their appliances than ever before, bringing them convenience and peace of mind. From voice technology in the kitchen to the future of connected appliances, John Ouseph, Technology Manager of Software & Connected Home, will share his thoughts on connected. Follow along on Twitter or contact us if you'd like a one-on-one interview. 
Highlights include: 
  • A 400 percent year-over-year growth in connections. 
  • The impact of voice technology on connections. We were the first appliance company to connect a broad range of appliances with Amazon Echo and Google Home.
  • Connected convenience. Receive push notifications on your phone when laundry is done.
  • Connected peace of mind. Never wonder again if the oven is turned off with the oven app.
  • Help is just a download away. In addition to service repairs, you can download new cycles to connected laundry, like active wear, hand wash and quick rinse.
  • The evolution of connected. See where we started and we're going.