Chefs Joe and Bryan

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a date night-in, there’s an art form to creating a memorable meal. We tapped Monogram Appliances Chefs Brian Logsdon and Joe Castro to get their tips on cooking for two. 

  • Set the mood. Lighting, flowers and champagne all say “romance”, but one of the most important factors is the home cooked meal itself. “The fact you took the time to shop and prepare a meal really shows you care,” said Chef Logsdon.
  • Put effort where it matters most: If you don’t want to be overwhelmed or you’re worried about timing, buy an already prepared app and dessert and put your heart into cooking the main course.
  • Easier than it looks. Pick a dish that’s easy to prepare but still special. Chef Joe Castro’s go-to recipe is a filet with pan sauce
  • Put down the fork. Food that you eat with your hands like Mediterranean or Ethopian can bond two people. The chefs point to the “wedding cake effect.”
  • Let tech take over. If you’re nervous about the big night, tap into tech. Some ovens like Advantium, come with pre programmed recipes where the oven does the heavy lifting. Sous vide is another option for those who are worried about cooking food to the right temps.
  • The perfect pairing. Champagne takes any meal to the next level. If bubbles aren’t your thing, pick up a bottle of red or white wine, and don’t be afraid to ask someone at the store to give advice on which will pair best. There’s almost always an expert willing to share his or her knowledge.
  • Get sweet. The best way to end a meal? Think anything chocolate or a creme brulee, which seems complicated but is surprisingly easy to make.